Society of Founders

The following individuals, families, financial institutions, businesses, and foundations are honored as Founders in recognition of their special role for providing the initial funding of the Foundation. These Founders ensured the establishment of the Foundation and continue to sustain its operation and growth.

Ammar Family                                                    Fred and Bernice Gilbert

Richard and Jay Ammar                                    Rick Kendrick

Betty Gardner Bailey                                          J. Franklin and Darnell Long

Bluefield Regional Medical Center                    Marshall Miller & Associates, Inc.

Sallie Brevick                                                        Norfolk Southern Foundation

Paul and Carol Cole                                              Clara Perkinson

Stelio J. and Betty T. Corte                                Charles and Marjorie Peters

First Century Bank                                              Rose Sinicrope

First Community Bank                                        Katharine Tierney

First Virginia Bank - Clinch Valley                     WVVA-TV


Special Recognition

The Community Foundation is especially appreciative of the generous financial support the Hugh I. Shott, Jr. Foundation provided to the Bluefield Area Foundation in its formative days in the mid-1990s. Through matching grants, the Shott Foundation was responsible for providing and attracting substantial funding for the BAF.


The Legacy Society

Community Foundation of the Virginias, Inc. acknowledges the following members of the Legacy Society who have donated to the Foundation through their estate, or have informed the Foundation of their plans to leave a legacy to the community through a future gift. Gifts can be made through various vehicles including bequests, retirement accounts, insurance policies, and charitable remainder trusts. We thank each donor for their forethought and generosity.


Nick and Jeannie Ameli    

Floriene Austin    

Betty Gardner Bailey

Lenabelle Bowen

Dr. Donald W. Caudill

James and Rebecca Steorts

Mabel Mahood

Clara Perkinson    

David E. Simmons

Gladys Sinicrope    

Margaret "Trika" Smith-Burke

Grace Hannah Weinberg





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