The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of the Virginias, Inc. has approved 59 applications for Grant Awards totaling more than $154,000.


The awards are broken down into the following Areas of Interest:

28 - Human Services

19 - Arts & Humanities

 3 - Education

 3 - Health 


The Foundation thanks the members of the Grants Committee for their time and dedication: Bob Perkinson, Chair; Mary Jo Babbitt, Marie Blackwell, Kathleen Blaydes, Gina Boggess, Carole Dodson, Deborah Garton, Craig Hammond, Kermit Moore, Foundation President; and Peter Taylor.




Appalachian South Folklife Center's Learning Day Camp; $2,500.00 for material and supplies for summer 2020 camp; Unrestricted Fund

Chamber of Commerce of the Two Virginias;  $2,000.00for the Reading Bee for Mercer and Tazewell County Schools; Ruth Creasy and Elmo Fleshman  Fund

Concord University Research & Development Corp; $2,445.00 for the writing support center; Unrestricted Fund




Four Seasons YMCA; $1,601.00 for the Senior Fitness Challenge May 2020; Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund

Princeton Rescue Squad; $5,000.00 for classroom seating and workstations for the Community Conference and Education facility; Community Action Grant Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Virginia Dental Association; $2,000.00 for the MOM Dental Program in Tazewell County; Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund


Human Services


Abel Pregnancy Resource Center; $1,589.00 for safe baby equipment for newborns; Rotary Club of Bluefield, WV

Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens; $2,000.00 to purchase a double-deck commercial oven; Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund

Bluefield College New Opportunity School for Women; $1,275.00 for 2020 Program Support; Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill

Bluefield Police Department; $5,000.00 to purchase five police vehicle cages; Unrestricted Fund

Bluefield State College Foundation; $2,800.00 to purchase and install US/WV flags and bases to be used across the campus;  Anonymous Fund and The Warren Ashby and Elizabeth Featherstone Thornhill Memorial Fund

Catholic Charities West Virginia; $1,230.00 for personal care items and cleaning supplies to stock the pantry; Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund

Center for Christian Action; $2,000.00 for medical assistance for low-income; Unrestricted Fund

Childlaw Services, Inc.; $2,000.00 for the "Girls Run the Nation" program; Ruth Creasy and A. Elmo Fleshman Fund and the Jeffrey Edward Shott Memorial Fund

Children's Home Society of WV; $2,000.00 for expenses associated with the "Fostering Families" program; Judge Jerome and Hilda R. Katz Memorial Fund and the Jeffrey Edward Shott Memorial Fund

City of Bluefield Parks and Recreation Department; $1,869.00 for one set of three lane lines for the pool; Unrestricted Fund

City of Bluefield, WV Fire Department; $4,000.00 for "Fire Hydrant Flags; Unrestricted Fund

Communities in Schools of Southwest Virginia; $3,000.00 for support for Tazewell County schools; Unrestricted Fund

Community Connections; $2,000.00 for support to expand Police Explorers program into Athens and Bramwell ; Unrestricted Fund

Davis Stuart, Inc.; $2,000.00 to pay for a hotel stay, food and activities for the young residents of the group home; Jeffrey Edward Shott Memorial Fund and the Unrestricted Fund

  Feeding America Southwest Virginia; $2,000.00 to support feeding the hungry in Tazewell County; Unrestricted Fund

  Friends Unlimited; $3,500.00 for expenses associated with the annual prom; Sandra Gayle Monk Memorial Fund

Mercer County Opportunity Industries; $1,570.00 for production and installation of sign; Unrestricted Fund

Princeton Board of Parks and Recreation Commission; $3,415.86 for starter equipment for both a youth volleyball league and a youth indoor soccer league;    Unrestricted Fund

Princeton Police Dept.; $1,450.00 for the "Police Dog Hero" program; Unrestricted Fund

Royal Family Kids Camp of Princeton, WV; $2,000.00 for support of the 2020 Kids Camp; Unrestricted Fund

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Food Pantry; $7,000.00 for support of the food pantry by providing funding for two-months supply of food to distribute to low-income families; American Electric Power Community Services Fund and the Helen Louise Payne and Henry Pleasant Cofer Fund

Save A Pet Food Bank; $3,000.00 for 12 months supply of dog and cat food to be given out at the Bluefield Union Mission; Unrestricted Fund

Second Chance for Cats; $3,000.00 for support of the spay/neuter program, vaccinations for 50 cats, and the traps and food program; Fannie Kate and Betty Gardner Bailey Fund and Unrestricted Fund

SPARKS; $4,000.00 for "Youth Education Empowerment Program - Field Trips; Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund

The Wade Center; $6,223.07 to purchase commercial stove, mixer and upright freezer; American Electric Power Community Services Fund, the Fannie Kate and Betty Gardner Bailey Fund, the Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund, the  Rotary Club of Bluefield, WV Fund; and the Jeffrey Edward Shott Memorial Fund

Town of Bluefield, VA Police Dept; $1,799.70 to purchase 30 Bail Out Bags; Unrestricted Fund

WVU Foundation; $2,500.00 for equipment, kits, travel and competition cost for the robotics program for Mercer county teams; Unrestricted Fund

Young Life; $2,000.00 for bus transportation fees for fall, weekend camp; Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund


Arts and Humanities


4 Pals Productions, Inc.; $3,000.00 support of the 7th annual theatre festival; Unrestricted Fund

Blue Mountain Performing Arts; $2,000.00 for support of the 2019/2020 opening show, "Sons of Serendip"; Fannie Kate and Betty Gardner Bailey Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Bluefield Beautification Commission; $5,000.00 to replace fencing at the Ramsey Street parking lot; Ammar Family Memorial Fund

Bluefield High School; $5,000.00 for the BHS Theatre Department's spring musical; Bluefield High School Class of '56 Fund

Bluefield Preservation Society; $5,000.00 in support of the restoration of the Granada Theatre; Unrestricted Fund

Bluefield Preservation Society; $2,000.00 to purchase tents for the annual Lemonade Festival; Unrestricted Fund

● Bluewell Improvement Association; $3,000.00 for hanging flower baskets and ground planters for spring 2020; Unrestricted Fund

● Bluewell Lions Club; $3,000.00 to provide hard-back books to K-3 students at 3 schools; Bluefield Daily Telegraph Literacy Fund and the Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund

● Bramwell Theatre Corp; $2,000.00 lodging for out-of-state actors for ten days for "Smoke on the Mountain" production; Unrestricted Fund

● Burkes Garden Artisan Guild; $3,000.00 to add stone to the foundation and gravel the parking lot; Unrestricted Fund

● Chuck Mathena II Foundation, Inc.; $2,500.00 in support of free and/or reduced rental to non-profit groups in Mercer and Tazewell counties; Unrestricted Fund

● City of Bluefield - Bluefield Baseball Club; $6,500.00 in support of the July 4, 2020 fireworks after the baseball game; Charles A. and Marjorie M. Peters

● Graham Historical Society; $2,000.00 in support of expenses associated with "Twisted History" fundraiser event; Unrestricted Fund

● Mercer County Fair; $1,000.00 in support of expenses associated with the train display; Unrestricted Fund

● Mercer County Historical Society; $2,500.00 for Storytellers for the 2020 Mercer County Heritage Festival; Unrestricted Fund

● National Coal Heritage Area Authority; $2,001.00 for benches and PA system for the Bramwell Train Depot Visitor Center; Unrestricted Fund

● Tazewell County Public Library; $2,000.00 to purchase furniture, white boards, and a smart television for the new community room; Unrestricted Fund

● Town of Bluefield Beautification Commission; $2,546.00 to purchase additional Graham banners to be placed in the downtown area; Unrestricted Fund

● William King Museum of Art; $2,500.00 in support of the VanGogh Outreach in Tazewell County for 2nd and 3rd graders; Unrestricted Fund

Donor-Designated Grants

B.G. and Rachel Blalock Fund; $1,733.16 to Bible in the Schools in Mercer County  

Sylvester C. and Janice M. Myers Fund; $755.19 to The Wade Center

Charles E. and Jerry Ann Myles Fund; $483.82 to the Mercer Charitable Clinic


 Total Donor-Designated                                 $2,972.17


Donor-Advised Grants


The Charles and Rebecca Carter Fund; $500.00 to the Presbyterian Children’s Home of the Highlands

The Charles and Rebecca Carter Fund; $500.00 to Catholic Charities West Virginia


Total Donor-Advised                                        $1,000.00





The Community Foundation Board of Directors met in May and voted to approve scholarship recommendations for 2018. Seventy-four awards were made from 29 separate funds, totaling more than $147,100.


The funds are listed below, and those that awarded scholarships, with the number of awards indicated.


Alex B. Mahood, Jr. Scholarship - 2 Awards       

Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Scholarship Fund - 2 Awards

Ann and Geno Preservati Scholarship - 1 Award

Bluefield High School Class of 1963 Scholarship - 1 Award

Bluefield High Schools' Alumni Scholarship - 2 Awards

C.B. and Ora Hunter Hancock Memorial Scholarship - 3 Awards

Don and Brenda Brohard Scholarship - 1 Award

Dr. Jack Walter Witten Scholarship - 5 Awards

E.R. Gillespie Scholarship - 2 Awards

East River Mountain H.O.G. #5432 - 4 Awards

Foundation of Health Services of the Virginias, Inc. - 3 Awards

GHS Scholarship - 2 Awards

Harman Lodge #222 A.F. & A.M. Scholarship - 2 Awards

James and Rebecca Steorts Scholarship - 1 Award

James C. Ramey, Sr. Memorial Scholarship - 6 Awards

Joetta Collins Hooker Scholarship - 1 Award

Joshua Lee Shutt Memorial Scholarship - 4 Awards

Kendrick Family Scholarship - 4 Awards         

Kendrick Scholarship Bluefield State College - 4 Awards           

Larry and Patsy Douglas Scholarship - 1 Award

Lauren Alexis Perdue Memorial Scholarship  - 1 Award

Lil Tony Webster "Forever Five" Scholarship - 2 Awards

Margaret "Trika" Smith-Burke Scholarship - 11 Awards

Marsha A. Mead, PhD Scholarship - 1 Award

Marshall Miller Scholarship - 1 Award

Mary Ellen and Ralph McCue Scholarship - 2 Awards

Maurice and Grace Hanna Weinberg Scholarship - 7 Awards

Robert Austin Family Scholarship - 3 Awards

Rose Sinicrope Scholarship - 1 Awards 



The Foundation acknowledges and appreciates the devotion of the members of the Scholarships Committee: Carole Dodson, Chair; Gene Bailey, George Brooks, Tom Chaffins, Harry Kammer, Lisa Lineberry, Mary Raub, Becky Steorts, Bettye VanDyke, and Cathy Zimmerman.