The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of the Virginias, Inc. has approved 46 applications for Grant Awards totaling more than $136,000.


The awards are broken down into the following Areas of Interest:

21 - Human Services

11 - Arts & Humanities

 8 - Education

 6 - Health 


The Foundation thanks the members of the Grants Committee for their time and dedication: Bob Perkinson, Chair; Mary Jo Babbitt, Marie Blackwell, Kathleen Blaydes, Gina Boggess, Carole Dodson, Deborah Garton, Craig Hammond, Kermit Moore, Foundation President; and Peter Taylor.




Appalachian South Folklife Center's Learning Day Camp 2019; $2,000.00; Unrestricted Fund

Bluefield State College Foundation; $1,615.00; tablecloths, display boards, and pop tent for community events; Unrestricted Fund

Bluewell Lions Club; $3,000.00; to provide 2 hardback books to each student pre-k thru 3rd grade at three schools; Judge Jerome and Hilda Katz Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Concord University Research and Development; $2,575.00; improving the sound system in the ballroom; Warren Ashby and Elizabeth Featherstone Thornhill Memorial Fund

Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce/Reading Bee; $2,000.00; the Reading Bee project costs; Bluefield Daily Telegraph Literacy Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Southwest Virginia Community College; $750.00; information kiosks to be placed in local grocery stores in Tazewell; Unrestricted Fund

Sun Valley School; $1,084.26; a new drinking fountain/water bottle fill station; Unrestricted Fund

WVU Foundation, Inc.; $2,000.00;  the Mercer County Robotics Program; Community Action Grant Fund




Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation; $600.00; swaddlers for new born babies from Mercer county; Judge Jerome and Hilda Katz Fund

City of Bluefield; Parks & Recreation Department;  $1,400.00; First Aid/CPR/AED training package contingent upon certification; Anonymous Fund, Fannie Kate and Betty Gardner Bailey Fund and the Rotary Club of Bluefield, WV

Feeding America Southwest Virginia; $2,000.00; food distribution to charitable organizations in Tazewell county; American Electric Power Community Service Fund and the Unrestricted Fund

Make A Wish Foundation of Greater PA and WV; $2,200.00; a Wishmaker grant for one Mercer county child; Unrestricted Fund

Virginia Dental Association; $2,000.00; for the MOM Program ; Unrestricted Fund

WV Rural Health Association; $2,000.00; funding, 4 Mercer County students to the conference at Pipestem; Unrestricted Fund


Human Services


Royal Family Kids Camp; $2,000.00; Kids Camp for 2019; Ghia M. Borg Memorial Fund

Abel Crisis Pregnancy Center; $2,240.00; pack n play sleepers; bouncy seats; full size cribs; mattresses; sheets; car seats; and rock n play sleepers; Ruth Creasy and A. Elmo Fleshman Fund

Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens; $2,000.00; bathroom safety equipment; Unrestricted Fund

Child Protect of Mercer County; $2,000.00; Starting Points Family Resource Center; not including salaries; Jeffery Edward Shott Memorial Fund and the Rotary Club of Bluefield, WV

Childlaw Services, Inc.; $2,500.00; Girls Run the Nation Program, not including salaries; Ruth Creasy and A. Elmo Fleshman Fund

Children's Home Society of WV; $2,000.00; Fostering Families program; not including salaries; Jeffrey Edward Shott Memorial Fund

City of Bluefield Code Enforcement Animal Control; $1,328.00; pet carriers and gloves; Unrestricted Fund

City of Bluefield Police Department; $5,000.00; 13 ballistic vests, Unrestricted Fund

City of Bluefield, WV Fire Department; $2,100.00; replacement of 16 self-contained breathing apparatus face pieces; Anonymous Fund, Rotary Club of Bluefield, WV and the Unrestricted Fund

Davis Stuart; $3,400.00; one security system in Mercer County; American Electric Power Community Service Fund; Jeffrey Edward Shott Memorial Fund and the Rotary Club of Bluefield, WV

Family Refuge Center, Inc.; $1,000.00; office supplies only; Unrestricted Fund

Friends Unlimited; $3,000.00; prom support for individuals with disabilities; Sandra Gayle Monk Memorial Fund

Mercer County Spay Association; $2,500.00; program cost; Fannie Kate and Betty Gardner Bailey Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Mountaineer Marine Corps League 957/ Toys for Tots; $2,000.00; program cost; Community Action Grant Fund and the Charles A. and Marjorie M. Peters Fund

Princeton Police Department;  $1,690.00; "Police, your friends for Life" campaign; Unrestricted Fund

Save A Pet Food Bank; $3,000.00; dog and cat food distribution at the Union Mission; Fannie Kate and Betty Gardner Bailey Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Second Chance for Cats; $2,500.00; Program cost - spay & neuter, traps; Fannie Kate and Betty Gardner Bailey Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Town of Bluefield, VA Police Department; $2,771.82; 18 streamlight stinger rechargeable flashlights; Unrestricted Fund

WISE; $1,200.00;  brochures, stamps, printing and copying; Unrestricted Fund

Young Life;  $2,000.00; program expense; Unrestricted Fund

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Food Pantry; Community Impact Project -$25,300.00;  walk-in combination cooler/freezer; Payne-Cofer Fund for the City of Bluefield, WV


Arts and Humanities


4 Pals Productions; $3,000.00; the 7th Annual High School Theatre Festival; Unrestricted Fund

Alliance for the Arts, Ltd.; $5,516.05; professional grade sound equipment; William Evans Fund

Blue Mountain Performing Arts; $2,000.00; program support; Fannie Kate and Betty Gardner Bailey Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Bluefield Beautification Commission; $3,470.00; planters at the community center; Ammar Family Fund

Bluewell Improvement Association; $3,000.00; purchasing and installing benches for the community; Unrestricted Fund

Burkes Garden Artisan Guild; $3,500.00; ceiling fans, lighting, utility sink, store fixtures, tables and chairs; Unrestricted Fund

Chuck Mathena Foundation; $2,000.00; support to help recover a portion of the reduced rates to schools; Fund for Mercer County

City of Bluefield, WV; $3,250.00; support of the 4th of July Fireworks at Charles A. Peter's Park, Bowen Field; Charles A. and Marjorie M. Peters Fund and Unrestricted Fund

Community Connections, Inc.; $2,000.00; paint and supplies for murals; Unrestricted Fund

Mercer County Historical Society; $2,500.00; support to help fund the 2019 event; Unrestricted Fund

Town of Bluefield Beautification; $2,546.00; a 2 bay heavy duty swing frames to provide a handicap accessible swing at Pinehill Park; Unrestricted Fund





The Community Foundation Board of Directors met in May and voted to approve scholarship recommendations for 2018. Awards were made from 25 separate funds to 91 individuals, totaling more than $142,200.


The funds are listed below, and those that awarded multiple scholarships are indicated by the number of scholarships awarded.


Alex B. Mahood, Jr. Scholarship - 2 Awards

Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Scholarship

BHS Alumni Scholarship - 2 Awards

BHS Class of '63 Scholarship 

C. B. and Ora Hunter Hancock Memorial Scholarship

Cyrus Leroy and Blanche Mae Nicholson Scholarship - 2 Awards

Dr. Jack Walter Witten Scholarship - 4 Awards

E. R. Gillespie Scholarship - 5 Awards

GHS Scholarship - 5 Awards

Grants Supermarket Scholarship - 4 Awards

Harman Lodge #222 A.F.&A.M. Scholarship - 5 Awards

James and Rebecca Steorts Scholarship

Kendrick Scholarship - 8 Awards

Larry and Patsy Douglas Scholarship

Lauren Alexis Perdue Memorial Scholarship - 2 Awards

Lindsay Rebekah Haun Memorial Scholarship

Margaret "Trika" Smith-Burke Scholarship - 9 Awards

Marsha A. Mead, Ph.D. Scholarship

Maurice and Grace Hanna Weinberg Scholarship - 7 Awards

Ralph H. and Shirley D. Kiser Family Scholarship

Ramey Scholarship - 7 Awards

Robert Austin Family Scholarship - 3 Awards

Rose Sinicrope Scholarship - 2 Awards

Roy R. Raub, MD Memorial Scholarship - 15 Awards

William G. Skewes Memorial Scholarship



The Foundation acknowledges and appreciates the devotion of the members of the Scholarships Committee: Carole Dodson, Chair; Gene Bailey, George Brooks, Tom Chaffins, Harry Kammer, Lisa Lineberry, Mary Raub, Becky Steorts, Bettye VanDyke, and Cathy Zimmerman.